Users and Roles

To invite a user to participate on your site, go to the administration site section.

You will see a table of users on your site. To invite a new user click the Create New button. A form appears where you must provide some user information. 

As the user must log on with one of the OAuth providers, the email must must match the username of an account with one of those. 
Be careful to choose the right role for the new user. See User Roles for details.

When you fill out the fields and click the Save button, the user's account is immediately active.
You should then notify the user to log on with that that email.

Role types

When adding users you shall grant them one of these roles:

Guest Can only access their own profile data. This corresponds to visitors, clients and customers.
Contributor Can author text contents on pages, in addition to Guest's permissions.
Designer Can upload files and change settings, in addition to Contributor's permissions.
Owner Can do anyting. Including inviting new users and revoking other Owner's rights.

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