At getya•net we take privacy very seriously. We will not hand over or sell any personal information you provide us.
We never save persistent cookies in your browser unless you explicitly grant us permission to do so. 

We do use Google Analytics that may set persistent cookies in your browser, to improve you experience based on quantitative measurements, but we do not provide any personal information to Google Analytics. 

When you place orders in a getya•net store, we store the order details, and your address at Microsoft data centers in the EU. 
Your credit card details are entirely handled by Quickpay. Your order details and address may be transferred to e-conomic for invoicing. Both are companies registered in Denmark.

If you choose to log in with your Facebook, Google or Microsoft Live account, we store the information choose to you provide us. At no time do we know or hold your password from any of these authentication providers. We will never send information back to any of these providers, nor can we write stuff on your Facebook timeline.

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy without notice.