Price List

The success of your site on the web is our top priority. It is so important that the pricing scheme directly reflects this. In fact we linked costs to revenue so we only charge a fee when you earn money.

  • There are no startup costs and no recurring subscription.
  • For handling web shop orders and bookings, charges a monthly fee. If you have no sales i a given month we will charge you nothing. At the same time we want to make sure our percentual fee decreases, when you really start making money. The fee is based on each month's total revenue handled by and is calculated as:(a given month revenue) to the power of 0.62

Example 1:

In January you sold goods in your webshop for a total amount of DKK 600,- and online bookings was worth DKK 2000,-.'s fee is (600+2000)^0.62 = DKK 131 that's 5%

Example 2:

February was so much better. The webshop really took off and sold for DKK 5000,- and online bookings was worth 5000,-'s fee is then (5000+5000)^0.62 = DKK 302 so the fee now dropped to only 3%

Your own example:

Your expected monthly revenue:  ^0.62 =

Fee prices shown are excluding tax and are subject to change. See also our terms of trade.

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