Booking feature

Essentially the booking feature enables your customers anytime to easily reserve a time for any kind of service you may provide. If your customers make reservations by calling or mailing you on odd hours, requiring you to have your calendar nearby at all time, you will most likely find this feature very attractive

First you describe your services and locations and create a few pages required for booking. Then register your opening hours and your customers are ready to make their reservations.

While most booking systems would navigate your customers to another domain (with a completely different theme), in everything is completely integrated within your site. Your booking page is just like any other page, it just adds a form.

Each booking is registered on the customer's mobile phone number. To make sure your customers show up on time, we automaticallt send our a reminder on SMS the day prior to the reservation. And we send you a daily list of recent bookings.

By logging in your customers can set up a personal profile page, that provides an overview of their future bookings and let them register their name and address. They can even cancel their reservation again, if they for some reason are unable to show up.

Setting up Locations and Services

The services you offer and places you work from can be created in the administration site section. Point your browser to http://mysite/_admin  (replace mysite with your domain name).

Click Booking in the menu. You will see week plan, a calendar and two tables labeled services and locations. After you  have initially set up your services and locations, you will rarely have to change them later.

To create a new service click the Create New button in the services table. A form appears where you must provide some information about the service to your customers.

The first field, name is usually one or two words that is the title of the service.
The description field is a brief summary that describes what the service covers. Make sure to write a text that sells the product.
In the duration field specify the total time period the customer will reserve when making a booking of this type.
In the price field you specify the total payable amount the customer is charged for the service.

Click Save when you are done filling out the fields.

Setting Up Booking Pages

The booking process uses three pages that you simply create just like any other page on your site, they just have these specific relative paths:

/booking The central booking form where you customers will choose the service, location, and date and time for the reservation, and enter their mobile phone number. You could add text that supports the customer in choosing your services.

/booking/confirm When the customer submits the filled out booking form, a thank you note is shown with a confirmation of the booking preferences. If the customer has not already logged on we encourage them to do so so they will be able to create or maintain their profile.

/my Each logged in user have their own personal profile page from where they are able to enter their name and address. The e-mail address is received from Facebook or Google when the customer logs on. The customer can also see their future reservations, and even cancel a reservation again.

Optionally you can also create the page /account if you want to customize the logon page your customers will use to gain access to their profile page.

One day prior to the customer's reservation, we  automatically send out an reminder on SMS to the customer to make sure they will show up. We also make sure to send you a short report on today's new online bookings to give you an overview even when you are not by a computer.

Creating Available Time Slots

You need to plan ahead when your customers should be able to book a service from you. This is usually your business opening hours.

Managing Bookings

(coming soon)

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